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Tree & Shrub Pruning image

Tree & Shrub Pruning

We plan and execute the removal of unnecessary tree limbs and hangers.

Tree & Shrub Removal image

Tree & Shrub Removal

Safely get rid of trees and shrubs that are in the way.

General Tree Care image

General Tree Care

Maximize the health and beauty of your property's trees.

Plant Health Care image

Plant Health Care

We offer fertilizing, root evaluation, pest control, and more for your plants.

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Deer Repellent

Don't let deer damage trees and plants in your garden.

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Tick Control

Protect yourself and your landscape by reducing your tick population.

Why Western Connecticut homeowners choose us

Over 34 years of combined experience

Fully licensed arborist in Tree Care and Removal

Award-winning climbing expertise

Recent Projects in Western Connecticut

Tree Removal in Sandy Hook, CT Before
Tree Removal in Sandy Hook, CT After

Tree Removal in Sandy Hook, CT

This before/after shows the removal of a 110'+ Hickory by climbing. The majority of the material had to be rigged down to avoid damage to the property and buried cesspool. The tree had to be climbed because of limited access and it's height. (A climber has no height restriction like a bucket truck)

Apple Tree Pruning in Southbury Before
Apple Tree Pruning in Southbury After

Apple Tree Pruning in Southbury

Believe it or not, these are the same apple trees. The winter photo was taken during pruning, while the summer photo was taken after the trees were pruned and then grew leaves.

Red Maple Thinning in Oxford Before
Red Maple Thinning in Oxford After

Red Maple Thinning in Oxford

A Red Maple (or Swamp Maple) before and after we completed thinning pruning. This type of pruning improves the tree's health by allowing more structurally sound limbs to develop and by eliminating excess weight. The tree now has better air flow through its canopy, which will help reduce the impact of fungal diseases. There is also a decreased chance of limbs rubbing together which would cause damage to the limbs.

Happy Customers in Western Connecticut

Affordable Tree and Plant Care & Removal Experts Serving New Haven, Danbury, Fairfield

Certified tree removal company & care in Western Connecticut

Tree care can provide many benefits. These include removing potential dangers, improving the value of your home and property, or simply achieving your ideal landscape. Weise Choice Tree Services, LLC can assist you with any or all of these goals in an efficient, effective way, while being mindful of the surrounding environment.

Our team of professionals has the skills and experience necessary to carry out your tree care and removal needs, with award-winning climbing expertise and detailed attention to the environment. We are dedicated to utilizing only the most effective, least disruptive solutions possible. We concentrate on noise and exhaust minimization, prevention of soil compaction and reduction of turf damage in order to lessen our environmental impact.

If you are interested in tree care and removal services, browse our website and see what we can do for you! We offer our services in New Haven, Danbury, Fairfield and throughout the surrounding areas. Contact us today to schedule your free consultation!

You can’t go wrong with our tree and plant care services in Connecticut

We are a year-round, full-service professional tree care and removal company dedicated to your safety and happiness. We provide a whole host of services to improve and maintain the trees and shrubs on your property. Our tree services and plant health care include:

  • Tree and shrub planting, pruning, and removing
  • Hedge trimming, brush removal, tree stump grinding and removal, and selective land clearing
  • Hanger and widowmaker removal
  • Cabling and bracing, lightning protection, and safety inspections
  • Plant pest and disease management
  • Tick and deer repellent
  • And more!

Information on the Emerald Ash Borer infestation in CT

We are actively addressing the emerald ash borer infestation in the state. The emerald ash borer is a small, green beetle whose life cycle relies on consuming several parts of the ash tree. Infestation of an ash tree by these beetles normally results in its death, making it a large environmental concern. Weise Choice Tree Services, LLC is committed to helping halt the spread of this insect, which has already made a big impact in the western side of the state. We inject a pesticide to prevent infestation of an ash tree. This problem will be one of our main focuses for the next year, because beyond that, we won’t be able to save the trees. Contact us now for treatment and prevention of this environmental crisis!

Emerald Ash Borer infestation banner

More information about the emerald ash borer and its effects can be found at the Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (CT DEEP) website. 

Your property, your way – we’re here to help you in Western Connecticut

There’s no time like the present when it comes to tree care and removal. These services will help transform your property, removing potential dangers and unattractive features while maintaining your trees and plants for the future.

We are locally-owned and operated with a deep understanding of the surrounding environment. We pride ourselves on keeping our knowledge current. We care about the relationships we build with our customers, which is why a majority of the homeowners and businesses we help are repeat customers.

Our service area includes New Haven, Waterbury, Litchfield, Woodbury, Newtown, Cheshire, Shelton, Southbury, Cheshire, Monroe, Ridgefield, Weston, Brookfield, Newtown, Wilton and surrounding areas. Call us today and get a free quote for our tree, tree limb, and shrub removal and care services.

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