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Tree Removal in Sandy Hook, CT

This before/after shows the removal of a 110'+ Hickory by climbing. The majority of the material had to be rigged down to avoid damage to the property and buried cesspool. The tree had to be climbed because of limited access and it's height. (A climber has no height restriction like a bucket truck)

Tree Pruning in Southbury, CT

Our client called us concerned about the size and shape of the trees in the front of the home. Upon inspection, we determined the best course of action was to prune the trees and perform a weight reduction. Upon completion, our client was very happy that we were able to obtain the size and shape they were looking for!

Apple Tree Pruning in Southbury

Believe it or not, these are the same apple trees. The winter photo was taken during pruning, while the summer photo was taken after the trees were pruned and then grew leaves.

Selective Land Clearing in Southbury, CT

Our client wanted to improve the aesthetics of the edge of her property as it had become overgrown. By using a brush mower and selectively choosing a few small trees to be removed we were able to accomplish our client's goal. The wooded area is now healthier and also safer to spend time in.

Red Maple Thinning in Oxford

A Red Maple (or Swamp Maple) before and after we completed thinning pruning. This type of pruning improves the tree's health by allowing more structurally sound limbs to develop and by eliminating excess weight. The tree now has better air flow through its canopy, which will help reduce the impact of fungal diseases. There is also a decreased chance of limbs rubbing together which would cause damage to the limbs.

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