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Cabling & Bracing

Quality Tree Cabling & Bracing in Western Connecticut

Brace (or Rod) Installation - Cabling and Bracing Trees

Cable - Cabling and Bracing Trees

Improve the stability of a weak tree with cables and braces

What are cables and braces?

Cables and braces are artificial support systems placed within a tree to improve it’s structural stability. Cables are placed high in a tree to help connect weaker limbs or to reinforce inherently poor connections. Braces range from rods installed in the trunk of a tree, where there is a crack, split or seam; to prop supports for low limbs that may break under their own weight.

We offer Free Estimates in any of our tree services. If you are interested in having cables and braces used on a tree near your Connecticut home, contact us today! We serve Litchfield, Woodbury, Newtown, Cheshire, Shelton, Southbury, and nearby areas.

Why use cables and braces?

The cost of cables and braces are usually less than the cost of removing a tree that poses a hazard to your property. A tree’s lifespan can be drastically increased with the proper implementation of these devices. Nothing can be done to ‘guarantee’ a tree’s safety, but properly cabling and bracing trees where necessary will greatly reduce the chance of a major structural failure.

Our tree services are available to homeowners and property managers throughout Western Connecticut including: Waterbury, Woodbury, Southbury. Contact Weise Choice Tree Services, LLC if you are interested in a free estimate!

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