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Lightning Protection

Lightning Protection for Trees in Western Connecticut

Protect the trees in the landscaping of your Connecticut home from the destruction of lightning

Lightning strikes tree causing damage

What is a Lightning Protection System?

A Lightning Protection System is a series of terminals, connectors, ground rods and copper cables installed in a tree and into the ground nearby. The system is customized to the particular tree it is intended to protect, based on the trees structure.

Some Facts About Lightning

There are an estimated 100 Million lightning strikes annually in North America. Lightning can range for 20,000 to 100,000 amps and up to 100,000 volts. When a tree is struck it could sustain little to no damage, or violently explode. Debris from the strike has the potential to fly far from the impact site. Every year lightning surpasses other natural causes to be the largest destroyer of property. One million or more trees are struck by lighting every year. Lightning Protection systems are not intended to protect people, adjacent buildings and other trees from damage if a lightning strike occurs. A Lightning Protection System’s sole intention is to protect the tree that it is installed in; reducing the tree’s risk of damage during a strike.

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Which Trees Should be Protected?

Trees can fall and hit your home if struck by lightning!

Installation of Lightning Protection Systems in trees that are with in 10 feet of a structure, that are taller than that structure, or have limbs over that structure are recommended by the National Fire Protection Association’s standard for the Installation of Lightning Protection Systems. Following these recommendations greatly reduces the risk of side-flash (lighting jumping from one thing to another) and damage from flying debris from struck trees. Trees of historical or sentimental value, as well as trees that stand out in the open, such as on golf courses should be protected.

Also, certain species of tree are more likely to receive a lightning strike due to either their height or conductivity. Birch, Catalpa, Spruce, Pine, Sycamore, Poplar, Hemlock and Elm are grouped into a moderate risk group. Ash, Tulip Poplar, Oak and Black Locust are all listed in the high or very high risk group.

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Susceptibility of trees appears to be more linked to their size and location than to the actual tree species. Trees near open water, that are on a hilltop or are taller than other surrounding trees tend to draw the most lighting strikes.

Trees that have fallen due to lighning damage can hit your house and create severe damage.

Existing Systems

Trees with Lightning Protection Systems should be inspected periodically. When a tree envelope’s a protection system, electrical conductivity tests should be done to ensure that there is no damage to the system that may affect it’s performance during a strike.

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