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Before and After Pictures from Middlebury
Tulip Tree Removal in Middlebury

Tulip Tree Removal in Middlebury

Before After
Tulip Tree Removal in Middlebury Tulip Tree Removal in Middlebury

A hazardous Tulip tree, removed using a crane and a climber.

Emerald Ash Borer Damage in Middlebury

Emerald Ash Borer Damage in Middlebury

Before After
Emerald Ash Borer Damage in Middlebury Emerald Ash Borer Damage in Middlebury

This is a look under the bark of an ash tree. The before picture is of an unaffected tree. The after picture shows you what the damage to the Ash's tissue looks like after the EAB larva has fed. Remember, this can only be seen after the bark is removed. These pieces were samples used to identify where the Emerarld Ash Borer infestation was geographically.

Dead Sugar Maple Removal in Middlebury

Dead Sugar Maple Removal in Middlebury

Before After
Dead Sugar Maple Removal in Middlebury Dead Sugar Maple Removal in Middlebury

The dead Sugar Maple needed to be removed using a crane.

Company Awards
Weise Choice Tree Services has earned the service industry’s coveted Angie’s List Super Service Award, reflecting an exemplary year of... [Read more]
Weise Choice Tree Services, LLC recieves the Reader’s Choice Award for “Best Tree Service” by Woodbury-Middlebury [Read more]
Weise Choice Tree Services, LLC took the trophy in the New England Tree Climbing Championship in the years 2005, 2009, and 2011.... [Read more]
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Reliable Tree Removal & Shrub Pruning Company in Middlebury, CT

Thanks again for another great job. It’s always a pleasure to work with your team as the place was immaculate...
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Reviews From Middlebury
Testimonials From Middlebury
A note of 'Thanks' and to let you know how much we appreciated everyone's professional attitude & performance in handling what I know was a true test of...
Testimonial by Pam & Tony P. from Middlebury, CT
Once again your crew did an amazing job!
Testimonial by Connie W. from Middlebury, CT
As expected, the work your crew did on the two cherry trees was exemplary – be sure and tell them – Was especially pleased with the lack of...
Testimonial by C. from Middlebury, CT

Tree removal and stump grinding in Middlebury, CT

The best way to keep your Middlebury, CT yard looking its best is to take care of the trees and plants that it incorporates. If your property's trees have seen better days, you've come to the right place. Weise Choice Tree Services, LLC is your local tree and shrub care company with a decade of experience in the industry. As a local, family company, we value our customers and will do our best to provide the tree and shrub care and removal services you need.

Tree removal might be a necessity on your property for a variety of reasons - perhaps its in the way of a desired building project, or maybe it is threatening the structural integrity of your home. No matter what your reason might be, Weise Choice Tree Services, LLC has the skills and tools required for successful tree removal. Our trained climbers use tools like our 70 foot off-road lift, cranes, zip lines, and more to safely remove even the toughest-to-get-to trees. And trees aren't the only things we can get rid of for you - shrubs and other plants are no match for our removal services!

We also provide all related tree removal services, such as stump grinding, brush chipping, and large wood removal. We would never leave you to take care of any of these details - when we leave your yard, we want it looking its best! 

Tree and shrub pruning and additional services

In addition to getting rid of the trees and shrubs on your property, we can also help with tree and shrub pruning when you just want to clean up. Pruning keeps your plants healthy by removing dead limbs, hangers, or widowmakers. You can also prune live limbs, which is often done during the winter to reduce the resources a plant has to expend. Shrub pruning needs to be done with just as much care as tree pruning, or you risk seriously damaging these plants. That's why it's best to hire the professionals at Weise Choice Tree Services, LLC to get the job done.

Weise Choice Tree Services, LLC also offers a variety of other tree care services besides tree removal, tree and shrub pruning, and stump grinding. These include:

  • Root evaluation
  • Fertilizing
  • Pest & disease management
  • Deer and tick repellent
  • Hedge trimming

Middlebury, CT's Leaders in Tick Control & Prevention 

As tick season comes into full swing, so do the dangers of lyme disease, babesiosis, anaplasmosis, and other harmful tick borne illnesses. Weise Choice Tree Services, LLC provides high quality tick control & prevention services that are guaranteed to keep your family and pets safe all throughout the spring and summer. If you're concerned about the presence of ticks on your property or throughout your home, it's imperative to contact a tick control expert who can help you resolve and prevent any potential tick issues. We provide both traditional and all natural methods for easy, fast, and effective tick control. Timing is crucial for effective tick control, which is why you shouldn't hesitate to contact the experts at Weise Choice Tree Services, LLC today!

No matter what state your property's trees or shrubs are in, Weise Choice Tree Services, LLC has the expertise required to handle them with care and transform your yard in a safe, healthy way. We offer free estimates for all of our tree removal, shrub pruning, and other services. Schedule your free estimate in Middlebury, CT today!

Case Studies From Middlebury
Our challenge was to prune off a large Red Maple limb from the tree, without hurting the generator, propane tank, or any of the buried lines. The...
The stump needed to be ground, but was on such a steep grade that we risked damage to the machine's engine if it was run at that angle. Most motors...
The client called us to look at a Tulip tree about 120 feet tall that needed to be removed. Another tree company had attempted taking it down and...
Press Releases From Middlebury
We are pleased to announce this exciting news: our very own Daniel Weise, State of Connecticut licensed arborist and expert tree climber who founded Weise Choice Tree Services in 2006, has just been named to Connecticut Magazine's "40 Under 40" list.... [Read more]
Job Stories From Middlebury, CT
Cherry Tree Care in Connecticut

Our client had a Cherry Tree that had never produced more than a few cherries. They also had some apple trees that they had us spray for fruit production. While on the property, we treated the Cherry Tree too.

By the end of the summer, the client was not only enjoying the ripening apples, but to their surprise, they had more cherries than they knew what to do with!

Now that's enjoying the Fruits of your Labors!!

Saving Ash Trees in Middlebury, CT

With Emerald Ash Borer becoming a bigger and bigger threat to Ash Trees in CT, the only option to keep them alive is to treat them. Our clients get the benefit of our expertise when choosing to protect their trees. We use the most effective product and injection system. This client will be able to not only avoid the expense of removing the tree, but will be able to enjoy it's beauty and benefits for years to come.

Tree Removal in Middlebury, CT

We had to remove some Red Maples from this property with no equipment access. Another job for our awesome climbers!  Call your local tree removal company today for a free price estimate!

Road Clearance for Town of Middlebury - October 2015

We worked for the Town of Middlebury recently on a road clearance project. Happy to be of assistance, especially close to home. Thank you to the Middlebury Police Department for working with us on traffic control to increase safety for everyone.

Westover School, Middlebury, CT

In August 2015 we had the opportunity to work at the beautiful Westover School here in Middlebury, CT. For two days our entire General Tree Care team worked together to provide services to improve many of the trees at the front of the main building. We removed one large mature tree and ground the stump, pruned another tree, and updated and improved the cabling system in another tree for increased safety. Happy to do this work before the school was back in session! Thank you to Westover School for providing us with these photographs.

Arbor Day 2015

We celebrated Arbor Day 2015 with a "Day of Service" in the Town of Middlebury. Working with members of the Congregational Church, we developed and executed a plan to prune the six largest Sugar Maples on the Town Green.

Dan and Brooke Weise decided earlier in the year that a great way for the company to celebrate Arbor Day and Earth Week 2015 would be to give back to the community and donate a day of service to the Town. While Arbor Day is often celebrated with a tree planting, Dan and Brooke thought that improving the health of existing town trees would be beneficial. They noticed while driving through town one day that the trees on the Town Green were in need of some attention. Some of the trees had large, broken and hanging limbs and obvious dead wood. Knowing that local bake sales, festivals and town events are held on the Green often in the Spring, Dan and Brooke thought the Green would be a great place for pruning. Safety was paramount on their minds.

Dan and Brooke worked with representatives from the Congregational Church, which owns the Town Green, to develop their plan. On Saturday, April 18th, the entire crew pitched in to prune the trees for safety hazards and to improve overall health.

We are very thankful to have had the opportunity to not only give back to the community but also improve the condition of these trees which are a mainstay to the town center.

Work Requests From Middlebury, CT
Atwood in Middlebury
There is a large oak tree off the back of the house. I am concerned with the branches overhanging the house as well as the root systems proximity to the foundation. There is also a black walnut tree that I would like removed.
Cambridge Court in Middlebury
I purchased this home over the summer and have a few requests: 1) there is something on the bark of many of the trees in yard and bed that may need treatment 2) estimate to remove spruce and roots to be able to replant 3) estimate to trim hedges Thank you!
Porter Ave in Middlebury
Interested in having bulk amounts of wood chips delivered. Do you deliver truck loads of wood chips?
Weymouth Way in Middlebury
Estimate to cut down and remove a white pine in my back yard between the 4 rhodos.
BURR HALL ROAD in Middlebury
Kelly Rd in Middlebury
2 pine tree's behind 2 car garage blight stricken .... plus maple tree trim on my side of yard
Fairhaven Drive in Middlebury
Need someone to look at property to recommend to remove or prune trees. Especially oak trees dropping acorns into pool a big problem.
Porter Ave in Middlebury
Need the two large trees in front yard on the right of the driveway removed
Kissawaug Rd. in Middlebury
We'd like an estimate for tick repellant spray around our yard. Thanks!
Tower Rd in Middlebury
We have trees we'd like taken down and some trimmed to open up backyard for pool.
Marney Drive in Middlebury
Want to get a qoute on pruning an apple tree and a peach tree?
Mary-pat N. Middlebury, Ct
Customer left a message on voicemail. Requesting estimate on dead tree removal.
Skyline Drive in Middlebury
Caller has more trees to look at. Provided contact information. Returning customer. Number from ID. Appointment set.
Green HIll Rd. in Middlebury
I have a very large and very dead tree in the backyard. I need it taken down for safety's sake.
Tower Road in Middlebury
Need 10 to 15 trees installed on property line where they have been removed.
Nick Road in Middlebury
Requesting estimate on trimming of hedges Referred from phone book Appointment set
No Name Middlebury, Ct
The caller needs an estimate for tree and stump removal. Left a message on the voice mail.
Nick Rd in Middlebury
Requesting a quote for tree removal. customer was referred by trucks. appointment set.
Avalon Dr in Middlebury
Requesting a quote for tree removal.. customer was referred by google. office to call back.
Fair Haven Drive in Middlebury
Tree or trees need to be removed and trimmed near pool

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